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Bobby Goulding

Cinematographer & Director

Bobby Goulding

Cinematographer & Director

Bobby is a Nottingham born, London based director and cinematographer. He came up through working as a photographer after studying BA Photography at Nottingham Trent University. In 2016 he formed a commercial production company called Pavilion Films, under which he has worked for global brands such as Uniqlo, TK Maxx, LEGO and Rimmel. Bobby is now taking his focus towards drama, with his first short film, The Number 30.

"This is a film made in dedication to my grandfather, who's passing completely changed my world. The area we filmed in holds great significance to our family. My hope is that comes across on screen, and allows audiences to look at how they themselves have dealt with passing, and indeed the promise of new life."

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Tom Pickard

Writer & Director

Tom Pickard

Writer & Director

Tom Pickard is a writer and director from the southeast coast of England. Focusing on isolation and human nature, his work is highly character-focused. Tom's narrative and documentary film work has been shortlisted in various film festivals across the world. His second short film 'Accept' was an official selection in the (2013) Raindance Film Festival and his most recent short film 'My Father My King' was officially selected for the (2019) Polish International Film Festival.

"There are certainly human traits that are universal in this story. We wanted to present the simple concept of what can happen when someone does not accept the situation in front of them, even with the best intentions, this is still denying reality. I have been a victim of this and so many of us have been as well, so I hope this film is a cautionary tale to audience members."

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David Freedman

Producer & 1st AD

David Freedman

Producer & 1st AD

David is a Film London Breakthrough Producer and studied filmmaking at London Met and production management at the National Film and Television School where he was a Sargent Disc Scholar. David has produced several shorts and features, most recently award-winning drama Homeless Ashes and biographical documentary Under the Radar, about actor Mike Edmonds (Star Wars, Time Bandits). It includes interviews with Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Colin Firth and was selected for Film London Breakthrough Screenings. Both films premiered at Raindance 2019.

“I continue to be impressed by Bobby and Tom's talent, united vision, and utmost dedication and attention to detail on The Number 30. I was hesitant about working on a film with two Directors but when I saw how solid their friendship and trust was I knew we would be fine. The wonderful Cast and Crew we assembled have likewise really done justice to the aspirations we all had. I hope audiences will enjoy this beautiful film and that they connect with Ben's reactions to life and to death. Ben and his Granddad's journey should resonate with all of us. We all have our own Number 30.”

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Production Design - Lou-Lila Masson Lacroix

Hair & Make-up - Siwan Hill & Nicky Clarke

1st Camera Assistant - Edmund Renew

2nd Camera Assistant - Courtney Andrews

Gaffer - Hamish Nichols

Production Assistants - David New & Troy Mclaughlin

Runner - Luke Vella




Editors - Tom Pickard & Adam El-Sharawy

Colourist - Mark Slobodian

Compositor - Jack Padgham

Sound Recordist - Soroosh Gholampur

Sound Designer - Tom Beale

Composer - Pablo Scopinaro

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